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I feel like a really long update is in order but I can't be bothered there is too much to write.

So I'll do a medium to small update. Yeah. Good.

So I got up real early like yesterday. I got up at 7:45am. I planned to get up at 8:30 but my alarm managed to set itself an hour early so after doing the usual 15 minute alarm sleep through I got up. When I realised I was an hour early I went back to bed for 10 minutes decided it was useless and got up again.

Then I got my mini-disk and went for a run. Today my legs hurt. It's the first time I've run in 2003, but I did pretty well. I got the best time I've got all year.

If I can take 3 minutes off my time I'll be at my 15 year-old standards. That was my peak.

At 11pm Rob and I drove to Belrose to pick up my sunnies (which weren't there) then to St Leonards, which was there.

We arrived at 12 for our 1 hour Stedicam training course. It went for four hours. I now have a much higher appreciation of the skill of a Stedicam operator. That are so damn hard. The guy spent four hours with us because neither Rob nor I could walk properly. The man said I waddle. At four Rob and I put the Stedicam in the boot and headed home. I had a headache and thought it was funny how bad we were at the stedicam. It's still funny.

If we never master it. Or Rob never masters it should I say, as I have no time to practice, then at least I will have exercised that Stedicam demon and I will never feel the urge to hire one again. Still it would be good to figure out how to use it properly.

In the evening I took some Panadol and went to visit Andrew. Twas good. Twas fun. It was a little like the past two years had never happened, but on the other hand not at all like that. It was a little strange. Maybe like when you dream you go back to your old school or something.

Later Matt, Rob, Jo and I went into the city to shoot the montage scenes for this film. It was very late. We caught an 11:13pm train in. We managed to film a bit on the train when there was no-one else on it. That was good.

We filmed in George St, Martin Place and Wynyard. At around 1:15am we walked back to Central to finish filming there. On the way we stopped in at Maccas. We noticed that they have the new salad menu and you can buy apples. I decided to buy and apple.

When it got to my turn the lady looked me and said "What would you like to order?"

"An apple please"

She looked at me funny. "An apple pie?"

"No, just and apple thanks"

She looked at me even funnier, pause, thinking "Would you like red or green?"

"Green thanks"

She heads off looking a little perplexed. She gets my apple and turns around and asks "Would you like it in a bag?"

I think about this. Getting an apple in a Macca's bag would be quite funny.

"Yeah, that's be good thanks"

And so she charges me 75 cents for an apple in a bag. Lovely.

We didn't film at Central. The last train to Hornsby was leaving in 2 minutes so we caught that. We got home at 2:30am. And it was fun night. Quite silly. But fun.

I accidently left my apple core on the train.