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The time now is 12:51am but I am posting at 11:43 because I want to be able to call today while it's today, if you know what I mean. I planned to do this. 11:43 is the time I was at work and I slipped into the office and made a quick post so that I could edit it.

So anyway. Let me talk about today because as long as it is called today...

Hmm. That was very spiritual.


Today I went to work early to learn to use the new photocopier. I stood there thinking it was a little strange that 7 people stood in a badly ventilated room for the best part of an hour looking at a photocopier. But it is a pretty flash machine so there is some sanity to it.

I went to the high school and we had "Care, share and prayer" today. It was moving. We cared and shared too much and the bell went while we were prayering.

I got a phone call from Andrew when I was in the group so I called him back as I walked past the burnt out phone box outside the high school (made me feel like I was in a war zone). We had a chat and a catch up. It was good talking to him again. It was strange because we talked as if nothing had changed. The first thing he said was "Hello Betty how are you?" which is what he said two years ago.

While I was on the phone I ran into Helen and we decided to have lunch together while I was still on the phone.

I finished talking to Andrew and I ate a chicken burger with Helen while we talked about what plans we have for our lives. Neither of us want to be famous. Well at least not that either of us revealed.

After lunch I sat around in my office trying to do work. Sal arrived at some stage and caught me talking to myself. I attempted to have a normal conversation with her while Matt got off the phone but I found it quite difficult. My brain wasn't quite going right. Matt got off the phone so I could go back to talking to myself, where I have no need to make quality conversation. Generally I say to myself things like "Oh you stupid poop head" and "Tom, you're an idiot" and "I want to shove my head in a blender". Occasionally I'll say "Discownted Bwick" or "Solid" but only of rare occasions. The most likely thing I say though is gibberish. This is the best. Allows me to talk on a really, really, deep feelings level without having to put it in words. But "I want to shove my head in a blender" is useful too.

Matt and I discussed sermons later and then we had youth group.

Youth group was a shocker. The kids were really badly behaved. It took us an hour to get through 10 minutes worth of program. They talked and talked and talked. I'm not the sort to shout, I do the "I'm waiting untill you're quiet" thing. They didn't really pay much attention to me though. We planned to send kids who were talking out, but all the kids were talking so we couldn't send them all out.

Tanya did an abridged version of her talk. It was a good talk none-the-less and the kids listened. That was good. That's the important part to listen to. And it was a good talk. Since she cut it down to the bare bones it was very easy to figure out what her points were.

After youth group Louise and Tanya and I (there were only three leaders tonight, the other three are on a camp) de-briefed and made our plans for next week. We have good plans now. We might be able to fix this problem. Needs prayer. That's part of the plan. Prayer. Yay for prayer and an interventionist God.

Helen and Nic came in when we had finished and asked me if I wanted to go to the movies with them. I wanted too but I was feeling non-commital as usual. They said they were going to see Extreme Ops. I put a look of non-excitement on my face. I told them they would at least have fun watching the film.

And I went with them. We met Dave, Pete, and Rob there, and I did have fun. The film was terrible. But it was fun to watch. Really, really bad anti-climax of an ending. Terrible script, terrible acting, stupid concept. Good fun. I don't recommend it.

Now I am home. I had the leftovers of Rob's pizza and rice and dog for dinner.

Now I'm going to bed.