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I have nothing to say.

Whenever I say that I do a really long post so we'll see what happens.

Lets do the old run down:


Went to the high school. Did the lunch time group thing, although we just sat around and talked because all but one of the attendees was at a gifted and talented students lunch. Strange that. Why are the majority of the kids that go to the Christian group gifted and talented?

I think I did some other things on Friday too.

We had youth group and it was much better behaved. We split them into small groups. It was an interesting idea, but not something I'd do every week.

After youth group I went out with the leaders and we did silly car games and ate ice cream in Manly. That was good but Ben was feeling really sick and I was feeling bad for him.


Filming on Saturday. It was fun. I was tried, and stressed. But it was good. We shot the film clip. Matt sang and the dancers danced. We got about half of what I wanted to get done, done. That was a shame. That means we'll have to figure something out when Matt gets back from the Land of Eng.

I was silly. We got good stuff. I think it will be an editable filmclip.

And now it's bed time.