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I went to the food court with David and Tinku today. I spend too much time there. I can't remember the last time I ate lunch at home.

Yes I can, Thursday. I had pasta.

I found a book in Borders called How to Win the Heart of Mr Right or something like that. I wanted to buy it but I couldn't justify spending $10 on it. It was a stupid book. It had things like: Don't talk much on a first date so you seem mysterious and intriguing or Leave your answering machine on on Firday nights even if you're at home so he thinks you have a great social life and Pretend that you were born happy and Don't tell him your problems, pretend that life is good. So either the book was a joke and I'm stupid or it was really, really dodgy. Hopefully there is no-one around who would take that advice. Hopfully not even the author takes her own advice. Hopefully she has no integrity. Because it's really bad form to encourage women (or men) to be people they are not. The whole idea of the book was to decieve the guy you like so he'll fall in love with you. Although perhaps to a degree that's what people do when they like someone, but it's probably better to strive for integrity and realism (if that's the right word) rather than going the other way. "Why do you have to go and make things so complicated?"

Thanks Avril.

I told Mum that I did a test on the net to see if I was ready to have sex (I was 86%, thank goodness, I would be devastated if I didn't pass) which got us into a discussion about what the world's view of sex is and who is responsible for the upbringing of a child. We talked about the role of parents and the Christian community and why the Christian community fails its kids so often. It was a good talk and I like having discussions like that with Mum. She's a good woman. She's very wise. I'd let her preach. I have let her preach. She also let me lick the beater of the cake she was making.

When I haven't been doing the things above I've been figuring out faith and deeds. Yay for faith and deeds.