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It's been a while.

I have so much snot coming out of my nose. And my head feels like it's been stuffed with a pillow. Not a nice fluffy pillow, but one of those dodgy lumpy ones that you'd have to use if you ever slept over at a friends place in primary school.

But still, I will soldier on.

I will complain and mooch around and feel generally sorry for myself. Sounds like fun.

I had meatballs for dinner on Wednesday night, and I have had it for breakfast every day since. I'm quite meat balled out. But I finished them off this morning so it's back to cornies tomorrow. Or perhaps rice and dog. We'll see what I feel like.

On Thursday I did the take Kaia out thing. It was a good night. We went and saw The Italian Job, a week early! It was a special offer. We had dinner at Thornleigh maccas.

It was good because Kaia and I got to talk properly, we haven't done that probably for the better part of two years. We cleared things up which we should have cleared up a while ago I think. So yeah it was good to talk.

The movie was good too. It was fun. It had some good Mini chases and cool heist ideas. I'm not sure if it's better than the original, probably not. I haven't seen the original. I would like too. Donald Sutherland is cool. Edward Norton had terrible facial hair.

Yesterday, drove to work and my nose started running. And then it kept going. I started to sneeze and it all went down hill from there. I only brought one hankie with me yesterday and by the end of the day I was feeling that was big mistake if you know what I mean.

Matt and I went out to lunch together and dreamed dreams of youth ministry and a persecuted church. We have some plans for the future now. They are exciting plans I think. We aren't planning to persecute the church. Or get it persecuted. We just talked about Acts, because we've both been reading it lately.

We went bowling for youth group. I don't really have much to say. I was in a bit of a daze. The pillow was in my head. I think the kids had fun. I wanted to meet the new people but I was having trouble staying focused. I think it went well.

When I got home I watched Memphis Belle on the computer. I kept falling asleep and thinking I should go to be. The film had a really bad transfer to dvd. The film was alright, not very imaginiative.

Now I am awake and I'm going to so some TOOBSC capturing. Maybe I'll even get to start editing today. It's a tricky one. I haven't quite figured out how I'm going to do it all. But hey, that's the joy of exploration.