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I went to bed at 8:20pm last night. That was a good idea. Not a good practice.

I realised at fireside that I was in a really bad mood. I told Chris this. I noticed that when you are tired everything sux. Rationally not everything sucks. But it just does. Like Sunday was a really good day. I knew this, but when ever I thought about it yesterday I was like "What a crap day". I knew it wasn't crap, as I wrote yesterday, but it felt like it was crap. And lectures, I felt "grrr" at my lectures, and the whole stedicam was making me go nuts. And all this because I had no sleep. But the good thing was that I was at least aware of what was going on. I was aware that my feelings weren't matching up with reality, so I made it through the day without hurting anyone's feelings (I hope) and not building up any resentment, so that was good.

I fell asleep in fireside last night. I hope I didn't offend the Tanzanian missionary who came to tell us about African youth ministry.

So yeah I went to bed at 8:20. And I lay there. Read my book (Brave New World which I'm really enjoying, it's a good book, not what I had expected). Said my prayers (I may have fallen asleep during these). Put up a blanket so I could sleep without the light annoying me, and closed my eyes.

Just when I do that people come into the room next door and start having a conversation. There are two of them but I can only hear one of them clearly. One is loud and clear, the other one is quiet and muffled. They started talking about relationships and I'm working desperatly hard not to listen to what the're saying because that would be rude and that would keep me awake. And I'm so tired that I fall asleep everytime the quiet muffled one talks and awake up everytime the loud, clear one talks.

I managed to fall alseep for about 5 mintues at one stage but woke up when they started discussing Hills. The church not the clothes line makers. Again I'm trying desperatly hard not to listen, partly because I'm sick of talking about Hills, mostly because I want to sleep. Again I'm going through the pattern of fall asleep when the muffled guy speaks and waking up when loud person speaks.

This goes on for about an hour. Then they are joined by someone else. They take up a position right next to my bed but on the other side of the wall. At this stage I
give up trying the straight sleep tactic and I pull out my mini-disk and grab Van Morrison and put The Healing Game on. I love that cd. Beautiful. I figure I might be able to fall asleep to music, and if not I'll still enjoy myself.

By track 4 the room next door seems to have turned into a full on party and I can hear them through the lovely tunes of Van and his band. At this stage James and Gus come in, hear the noise. James being much more assertive than I, and less willing to have his sleep disturbed goes next door to ask them to be quiet. I could have kissed James at that point. They being the lovely people that they are oblige and I get to sleep 2 and a half hours later than planned.

And there is the epic of my falling alseep. Although I did wake up about five times after that whenever anyone else came into the room. But still I got my sleep. About 8 hours and I'm having a much better day. Everything looks good again. Even yesterday looks good. How I love sleep.