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Well, hmm.

I'm so damn tired at the moment.

I got about 2 hours sleep last night. Grrr.

But we should start at the beginning. Saturday night I went to bed feeling like everything was a mess. I didn't have our sunday morning group planned, my sermon was feeling bler, and I have a week till we film this pop clip.

I woke up, felt tired, went to church. As I went through my morning routine I planned the lesson for the day on God's Jealousy.

I got to church, met Jo and prepared the lesson. Then we went over to the church as Jo and I had to play "Handies" behind a screen for the congreation. The service had a "Hands" theme. I think people enjoyed our hands for the five minutes of limelight they got. We were wearing white gloves. Like mime artists. Amazing. Never wanted to be a mime artist. Still don't.

The Sunday morning group went good. We had a relay which was half successful. Some of the kids had fun. Others threw pillows at each other and they had fun too untill they got in trouble from someone downstairs who asked "Is there an adult with you?". They said "Yeah, Tom is".

That was a little worrying because I don't think of myself as an adult and now that adult downstairs thinks I let my kids throw pillows at each other. I don't normally but I decided to ignore it yesterday because they were having fun. I got them to pick their pillows up.

When the group ended and Jo disappeared to wherever she went I got to work on my sermon.

I had a sleep on the couch for about 20 minutes and dreamt that Phil joined the army and didn't shave for a few days. He said he didn't like being part of the army.

Skipping forward a few hours, Rob, Ryan, Tinku, Chris and Jem came to visit church. Pamela and Peter came to visit too. It was a little strange having a large group there, but hey.

I had fun preaching. It went much better than I thought it would. I'm going to give that one to God. He's good quality. Helps me out good. And He lets me preach his word, that's really cool.

After church I planned to go visit Andrew but Howie invited Jo to Snoam and I wanted to go catch up with some Hornsby Christians. I thought "I'll go to Snoam for a bit and then go to see Andrew". Jo invited Sal to join us so she did. We hung out and did the Snoam thing for a bit. Andrew rang me and told me he was going to fall asleep so I gave up on my plans to visit him and I went back and did more of the Snoam thing. Rob and I talked to Priscilla about being Asian. She laughed some. I talked to Kaylene and we "caught up". And it was generally Snoam like, but I don't feel as comfy there these days. I'm less part of the Hornsby Christian scene as i used to be. Oh well.

We got hungry so Rob, Jo, Sal and I headed off to Maccas where we sat around and had mostly silly conversation till they flashed the lights at us at around midnight, telling us to leave.

At around the midnight mark, but a little later because we were in the carpark, I realised that I had to get up at 5:30 this morning and felt that "Oh bugger" feeling.

Rob and I headed home and Mum caught us in the kitchen for one of our kitchen catch ups. I enjoy them.

That meant I got to bed about one.

I wasn't feeling good about this but it didn't really make much difference because I was awake until around 3:30 thinking. Damn, I think too much. I have way too much on my brain at the moment.

I would prefer to do all my thinking between the hours of 9am and 10pm. Sleeping would be so much easier.

But all up it was a good day. It started tired, and ended even more tireder, but lots of fun in between. God blesses me a lot.