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I feel like I should recap my weekend. But I can't be bothered. I'm feeling a little sleepy.

I went to Soul Survivor on Saturday night. It was good but I was sitting down the back so it felt like I was watching the whole thing through a bomb shelter.

There was a time of prayer ministry and they called for people to go down the front to pray with the people who went down the front. I went down to pray and I couldn't find any spare males to pray with. Tanya saw me and pointed me in the direction of a guy who was standing in the first row next to a chick who was getting prayed for. I couldn't tell if he was down the front for prayer ministry or he was just in the first row. I asked him and he said he was just in the first row but would be happy for me to pray for him. So I did. I realised halfway through that I was positioned right behind this other chick and she was starting to rock and cry. I don't have a problem with this except that I was standing very close to her and if she fell, then she was going to fall right back on to me and I would then fall over on to the chairs and it could all have been very messy.

Anyway I prayed with this guy, when I'd finished he said no-one had prayed for him for months so that was good. And then I got out of there before the chick fell on me.

So that was my mildly interesting story of the night.

Yesterday was like any other church day.

We played air hockey before and after Bible study. We love air hockey. The puck hit me in the hand and now I have a bruise but you get that from hard core sports like hockey.