12/27/2002 12:40:00 am

Getting There

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Well I'm off to Beach Mission in the morning. This might be my last chance to post for a while. However, if I can make a post I will. It will be very exciting posting from so far away. I guess really, with the way the web is, and modern technology these days, where ever you use the internet you aren't really any further away from anywhere else. Geography goes out the window.

But well I will be along way away from where I am now. And it will be my first time to post from a place that is not home. So that's cool.

We have had a lot of confusion about how I'm getting up to BM, I think I've been going with most of the team in separate cars over the past 24 hours. I figure I'll just get in the car whoever is at my house at 9:30 in the morning. I'm hoping its not a crusty old man with a van and a mattress in the back offering me a lollipop. Lucky I'm over 18 now.