12/06/2002 11:07:00 pm

Youth and Fire

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Just got home from Youth Group and putting petrol in the car.

Youth Group was good. We had 4 kids but we're getting used having groups that small these days. We had our 2nd birthday party tonight, which was fun. We had mintie hunts, musical chairs, pass the parcel, and the like (Youthworks would slap me if they knew, actually I think the Dean might). It was good. Just as we were starting I saw three women standing around outside the church. I thought "Oh their looking for AA" (which meets under our church), then as we were heading into the church I saw the three women again. This time the were all looking at me, smiling and beconing (did I spell that right?). Oooo, raunchy. Then I realised that they were on my Beach Mission team and couldn't get up to the place where we are having our weekend away this weekend because the F3 is closed due to the fires. Looks like I've finally got my


Boy did I become the action king. I left the kids there, with the other leaders, and we hurried off to see my rector to see if we could use the hall tomorrow. He said "Yes", we said "Thank-you". Phew, that was close, the fires nearly destroyed everything. But I saved the day.

Turns out the F3 has now been re-opened so we can all go up to the camp site. Oh well.

At the petrol station, where I was getting petrol for the car that ran out at the bottom of the drive, there was a guy from the Rural Fire Brigade. The petrol station man asked him if he'd been fighting fires and the man said he was on stand by. Then the petrol station guy (who is usually a lovely bloke) started complaining about why the fire brigade hadn't put out the fire earlier. I thought that was a bit rough. He seemed to think that the helicopters should have done it. I personally think the helicopters are doing a fine job. As are all the men in yellow, fighting fires. Good on 'em I say. Yay.

You can tell I'm really getting into this whole disaster thing, can't you?