12/05/2002 04:46:00 pm


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Well, Fires in Sydney. Yay. Bit of excitement. I was just talking to Mum and Dad and we were discussing how frightfully unprepared this house is. Our roof is covered in leaves and we don't know anything about fire safety. The bush next to our house is full of leaves. If the fire decides to come our way we may have problems.

It's funny because Mum didn't think our bush was connected to any others. She just thought we were in a small patch of bush in a vast sea of urbabninity. But Dad pointed out that the bush behind our house connected to the bush that is burning in Glenorie and Dural where they have lost 20 houses or something. If my house does burn down I think I'll take the dog, the computer and my Lord of the Rings Extended Edition DVD. Maybe my Superman shirt too. And my Bible. I like my Bible. It looks very worn an used. It has book marks and tabs. Makes me look like I'm going to heaven quicker.