12/19/2002 04:20:00 pm


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Ryan and I hopped on a train at Hornsby today. We went downstairs and the man in front of us with a hole in the back of his pants went to sit down on a seat. But when he looked at his seat he noticed that there was a shoe box sitting on the seat. He turned to Ryan and said "That could be a bomb."

"Yes, it could" Or something like that. Everyone in the carraige looked at the cardboard box and wondered if the box would blow up on us at any second.

"Maybe we should sit somewhere else" I said.

"Maybe you should sit somewhere else" Ryan said the the man with the hole in the back of his pants. The man thought that was a good idea and went and sat up stairs, above the bomb.

Ryan and I went to the other end of the carraige and discussed quickly what the appropriate responce was and if the shoe box might really be a bomb. We decided just sitting somewhere else probably wasn't best idea and resolved to go and tell the guard. We continured to the other side of the carraige where we found the other people from downstairs huddleing for safety except for the one hardy soul who kept his seat next to the bomb reading his book. I think he was staying to dig anyone out of the rubble once the bomb went off.

When the train reached Waitara, Ryan, a man with tattoos and I got of the train to raise the alarm. The man with the tattoos went straight to the guard, Ryan came a close second and me an excited, hopeful 3rd. When the man with the tattoos was talking to the guard, Ryan went off to tell the station man with the flag. He saw him and shouted down the platform something that sounded like "There is a bomb on the seat!".

By this stage the guard had decied to solve the problem. He very bravely ventured down to where the bomb was. Assesed the situation expertly, and with the precision of a skilled professional who has obviously been briefed and trained for this type of situation, gave the box a whack to see if it was empty.

The box bounced across to the opposite seat and came to a rest, we collectivly let out a sigh of releaf. The box was empty. CityRail bomb desposale team had saved the day again, and all us nervous travelers returned to our seats happy to be alive, except for the man with the whole in the back of his pants who was upstairs and oblivious to what was going on, and the man who was reading his book who was still clam and ready to dig out any survivours of the CityRail of December 19th, 12/19.

Appologies to Ryan who may have been a bit mis-represented, or not.