12/21/2002 04:16:00 pm

Wrapping Up

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We had a sleep over for youth group last night. It was a lots of fun, and a little sad. It was probably my last time running Reg Spacy, due to next years movements.But it was cool. I was great hanging out with the "kids". They are a good bunch, I like them muchly.

We went to Pizza Hut. Seeing as it was all you can eat, Luis and I were encouraged to eat a drink concotions of various foods and drinks and ice cream and bacon chips. It wasn't too bad but I did gag a few times.

I also discovered a fun thing to do with jelly and lips and teeth. It's an individual activity, so don't worry.

I also got to tell the story of the bomb and the CityRail man. I think that's my story of the week. I think I've told it about 30 times now. Good thing Robert isn't around at the moment or he would complain about hearing it over and over again. Perhaps I will have to start complaining to me for him.

We looked at fairy lights too. They were nice. Some people put a lot of work into their displays. Some don't. Most don't, but that's ok, I still love them.

After our lights, we went to church and watched movies, and closed our eyes for extended periods of time.

When I told the kids that I wasn't going to be there next year, and neither was Becky, and Michael might not be around much, no-one cried. Oh well. Although I think I might have been a little uncomfortable if someone had cried. One day though, one day I say "I'm leaving" and someone will cry. I'll say it to my wife. I won't mean it, it'll just be a little joke. She'll cry, then I'll tell her I'm not really leaving and we'll all have a good laugh.

Was I talking about the youth group?