12/14/2002 12:14:00 am

13 to 14

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I had quite a day today. And yesterday too.

Die Another Day was pretty poor. I feel they didn't do Bond right. I don't think it was to formula enough.

Last night after the movie we went over to the Castle's house to see Ryan. He was in bed. But we sat around in his bedroom for about an hour chatting with him. He hadn't slept in about 36 hours or something. I think he's a little crazy. While he was walking home from the airport he stopped in at a Taxi place to find out how to become a taxi driver, and he bought a UAC guide. The things you do on the way home from the airport.

I spent most of yesterday in a Tear brainstorming meeting to figure out how to give Tear to youth. My brain didn't storm much. Or at all I guess you could say. There were all these people in a room and I didn't say anything in front of the group the whole time. I guess I was a little over whelmed. They did have fruit though, and a very powdery apple which I threw out.

I also managed to have the Haggi 2 Bible Study and that went ok. The boys were a bit tired, but I still love the chapter. So I had a good time, I hope they did. It's just a really rich chapter.

We read our book and we only have about 50 pages to go. We might try and get that all done next week. I think I'll need a drink.