12/24/2002 10:21:00 am


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Today is Christmas Eve. That would usually be the day that I would have a sleep to make the time go faster, so I could get to the presents quicker. But not this time. No sir. I'm doing many things. I have presents to buy, presents to wrap, Beach missions to prepare for. All them exciting things.

I have done very little Beach Mission prep. I know that I'm bad, but I think I only realised on Friday that it's the end of the year. Before then it's just been near the end of the year. So between Friday and now there hasn't been anytime to do preparation because I have had to do end of year things (chill out, sit around, relax, buy presents, listen to carols). So now I think that it's about time I stopped doing end of year stuff and starter preparing of end of year/new year stuff. Yeah. That is perhaps what I might do.