12/14/2002 12:28:00 am

Today - Part 3

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Middle of the day I hung out with Ryan, which was nice, and I got to see Ted, and that was cool too. We (Howie, Ryan and I) ate pasta and drank Vanilla Coke together. It was just like old times. Ahhh. Perhaps new times. That would be nice.

Then tonight I bought 10 large pizzas from Pizza Haven for the combined youth night with All Saints run by the NTE people. That was fun. No body really knew who was in charge, so I had to take hold of the situation. I was very pleased with myself. I organised grace, made sure there was a pre-team briefing and a pre-thing prayer. I was like a leader. My leadership skills were shining through. It was good quality.

There were heaps of people there. I think there were like 20 people who were just leader types. Then there were the kids from All Saints and ours. It was cool. After running a youth group with 3 kids in it, seeing 35 people all together doing youth group was great. It would be so good if it was like that every week. Admittedly the leaders out numbered the kids, but hey, it was cool. I had a good time. having more people and more leaders, meant I got to spend more time with the kids. It was cool. I thank God for tonight. I would put it on a positive side of the sheet.

And we made up a dance in my Bible study group tonight. I think it's going to be a dance sensation. It's symbolic of our relationship with God and others, and how it's meant to work. It's inspiring stuff.

We finished tonight with MicroEasy Cheese Burgers and Cokes with Trevor and David (the billets) and some balloon animal making. They're fun people to hang out with.

And the woolies lady loved me.