12/04/2002 07:29:00 pm


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From what I've seen of Blogs people moan a lot. "I feel terrible", "Life could be better", or "Today was pretty boring". I hope I don't do that. I'd rather not whinge. My life's pretty good really. I am constantly connected to the internet, how could life not be good? How many people in the world are always connected to the internet? Not many. So if only for the internet I should be happy. But there are many other things to be happy about to. I am happy that Jesus loves me. Really. I'm not preaching. That just makes me happy. I was sitting in my quiet time the other day, moaning, and then I realised that, and thought "well at least that's one thing". That's one damn good thing. It's good to be loved. And I'm a bastard, and I'm still loved. Yay for me.

Maybe one day I'll become a famous writer like Phillip Yancy. I doubt it. But maybe.