12/23/2002 05:37:00 pm


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Jo's home now. I went to the airport without having any breakfast. I was very hungry until I had a dodgy chicken and vegie pie from a petrol station on the way home.

Jo comes home often now. Usually about as much as she leaves.

I'm going to Koorong today. They have extended Christmas trading hours till midnight tonight. How amazing is that. What a great place Koorong is. I have $20 to spend on myself there, and I have a present or two to buy. I figure I'll be able to sift through enough dodgy stuff to find at least three good things. Perhaps not. Michael is going with me because he has a $20 voucher too. The parents at my church are so nice. They got Michael, Becky and I vouchers for all our work at chruch this year. They are cool, I say, cool.