12/16/2002 12:42:00 am

Meeting Jesus Preaching Carols

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Today was quite a day. I got up at 6:30am! After going to bed at two, I was completly buggered. Usually I would survive but I have had very little sleep at all recently so now I'm bushed. What a great word, bushed.

Anyway, I went to our eight o'clock service at church with some NTE people (did I say I liked the NTE people? They were cool). Did I also say that we had the Kids Having Fun day at All Saints on Saturday and that was cool? Well it was. There were lots of kids there, and I got to run a game and hang out with everyone. I had a lot of fun. I can't believe how well all the NTE people did. They must have been buggered, they went from last Saturday till this Sunday straight without a break. Lectures, then ministry. Lots of damn work. But the kids day was cool.

I went to one of their staff meetings afterwards which was significant for me, but I'm not sure why. I didn't really feel like I should be there. I was just waiting to give Trevor and David a lift home, but it turned out I was invited to sit in on the meeting. It was long and I felt like I did when I got to go to my Dad's work with him when I was a kid, except with out any of the glamour or excitement. But yeah.

After that David, Trevor and Liz made Chicken Curry and stuffed eggs at our place. Did you know (I hope they don't mind me saying this) that all three of them got above 98 in their HSC and two of them got 100. I was blown away. People that smart in my house. I know Jo got heaps and so did Tim, but I read in the paper that only 22 people got 100 in the 2001 HSC and two of them were making stuffed eggs at my house. Who would have thought?

Now that I have said all that I think that if they read that they'd be all "It's not that big a deal". Perhaps it isn't but I could never imagine even getting close in my HSC. I'd never have the discipline. Or the smarts. But I think I was in the middle of talking about Sunday.

Yes, I went to church. In the sermon, the guest preacher told us as part of his opening illustration on Neo-Fundamentalism, that the Bible didn't tell us where the shepherds met Jesus or where the Magi met Jesus. So I looked it up, and it does tell us, so I didn't listen to the rest of the sermon because I was too distracted thinking about the shepherds and the magi.

If only I was like I used to be and never questioned anything told to me from the pulpit, life would be so much easier.

Sunday School was interesting. We were joined by Jane and Leela from the NTE and we played hang man where you got to guess a letter every time you got a question from the Bible right. But, much to my embarrasment, my kids had terrible Bible knowlege. My very last Sunday School and I see what a bad teacher I have been. Oh well I guess that why I'm stopping. I never thought I was doing a very good job. But I did get some short bread and a Koorong voucher, so I was pretty pleased. People at my church are very nice. I was hanging out for a cake, but vouchers and short bread is cool too.

Jono, Trevor and David came over for lunch as did Ryan and Jemma and that was fun. The three billets and I played Pass the Pigs. How cool is that game?

We also got to have the last Reg Sunday for 2002 today. That was strange. I think it went alright. I was encouraged and discouraged at the same time. It was a little strange, but then again, this whole week has been strange. We talked about the temporary nature of life but the unchanging nature of Jesus. We said that even though life was uncertain, Jesus was. Jesus never changes. When everything disappears, and plans fall apart, and the world goes crazy, Jesus is still there, Jesus is a firm foundation and his words will never pass away. It reminds me of a song I really like. If there is any message I would want to send the kids away with, it would be that. Hold on to Jesus. Tightly.

I really like Jesus.

We had a 4 minute church service tonight. It was meant to be a dinner but only one person had food. We were meant to go down to the Carols at 7pm people started telling me that the carols started at 7 so we had to leave earlier. So we met, we prayed, we had annoucements, then we went in peace to love and serve the Lord. 4 minutes straight. 6:36pm - 6:40pm.

Last on my things today, I filmed "Carols in the Park". I used Steve's camera and got sent up the back doing wide shots. I sat there for half the night feeling very critical and under utilised. I thought I could do a much better job. Then I had a look at my shot and realised it was on a slant and the people were over exposed, and I felt like a bit of an idiot. I think God decided to humble me. And he did. I put a lot more effort into my filming after that, and I had a better time.

After dropping Becky home and heading to David's we dropped in at Macca'a where we ran into Ruth and some of her friends. I gave Ruth my green Ps because she needed some. Ruth's cool.