12/24/2002 10:16:00 am

Phone Self-Selling

Posted by Unknown |

I am sitting by the phone.

I am meant to be getting a phone call about this job at 10. I think it's an interview type phone call. Pehaps it is not. But whatever it is I am waiting.

I got up especially early for this phone call. 9:45. I have warmed my voice up so that I don't sound like I just woke up. I have even put on a t-shirt. I am still in my boxers though. I felt a little a little over-dressed at my last interview, but I don't think I'll have that problem this time. I'm so glad we aren't at that future were we all to video conferencing, that would be bad. Then I would have to dress up to talk on the phone in my own home, perhaps. Perhaps not too.

While I was driving to the the airport (well Dad was driving, I was a lot more passive in my travel) I got a phone call to say that the people who interviewed me liked me. So now I think this is the last hurdle to getting the job. It's all been really good so far. I am feeling that God has His hand quite firmly placed on this part of my life. It's a very nice feeling.