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Yesterday's run was good, we did it in alright time. We can do better next time.

I had little sleep the night before and yesterday was a struggle to stay awake. The upside was that I was feeling a lot sillier so I was able to amuse myself a bit more easily. Perhaps it wasn't all that useful for our meeting.

I went over to Oatley in the afternoon for a meeting about the camp. I was late and lost. There was no petrol in the car. The mum of the guy whose house I was at gave me some cake. That was good.

After Oatley I headed over to Bankstown (Actually Condell Park, but Bankstown sounds better) for Mitch's and Dan's house warming party. I ate steak. It was nice to catch up with all the college crew. We hung out till quite late having college conversation. Reminiscing, and bringing up all the old jokes, and generally having a conversation that would be completely uninteresting to anyone who wasn't a college student.

I left at around 11:10 and it was raining. I sung "It's raining in Baltimore, 50 miles east..." to Dan as I walked out the door and suddenly felt melancholy and needed to listen to the Crows. So I stuck them on and began my drive home. I couldn't be bothered looking at a map, I figured I'd just drive till I saw a sign to somewhere I knew. Sadly that didn't happen and I drove all the way to the city before I found something familiar. So much for passive navigating.

Still I got the whole cd done, and a little bit of U2 too. So it was all good.