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I have spent much of this evening wrestling with this stupid NetMD program which doesn't feel like behaving tonight.

I should be packing and sleeping. Going on holidays tomorrow. How exciting.

Today I went to lunch with Grandpa. That was good fun. We got the meals (roast pork) for free because they took so long bringing them. We talked about lots of things. We talked about religion. We discussed the virgin birth and subsitutionary atonement. I said what I thought and Grandpa said he didn't believe a word of it and we're still good friends.

Back in Hornsby I tried to buy some board shorts but there were none my size, or perhaps there were, but I got scared and scampered out of the store before I got around to trying them on. Surf shops are such scary places. I bought a Japanese crepe to calm my nerves. It wasn't very nice and they gave it to me in this stupid paper cone which poured ice cream all over me. I tried to sit low in my chair and hide behind the bin in the food court as I made a mess of myself, my clothes, the table, and the floor. Eating really messy food isn't very nice when you're alone. It's usually pretty funny when you have friends around though.

We played frisbee at Waitara Oval later on. We spent almost two hours there I think. That was good fun. We improved much over the time we were there.

Maccas followed, then I came home to prepare for my Northerly experience. I found out the F1 in Coffs has no rooms available tomorrow night. We may have to sleep somewhere else tomorrow night. Or nowhere at all, like in the car. Who knows. It'll be an adventure at least.

Yay for adventures.