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I had four talks to write today. I still do kinda. I spent most of the day feeling uninspired, and unable to get inspired. I went for a drive, and started talking in the car. That worked good. I drove to work and used the church as my talking space. I arrived at about 3:30. I emerged at 8pm with four talks under my belt. Shouting in an empty church for a few hours works good, but I'm very tired now. The talks aren't the worlds greatest, but I'll do my best. And in the end it doesn't matter how slick the talks are, it's God's job to make them good. "With Jesus as my strength I'll do my best, he'll do the rest!"(Kid's Praise 5)

I now have to commit the four talks to computer. That could take a while. I may not get them all done. I hope so. I'll give it a shot.