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I just asked Ryan if you could call this internet cafe steamy, he said I could. So I will. It sounds very journalistic and expressive to call an internet cafe steamy. "I'm sitting in a steamy, gaudy walled, internet cafe in downtown Coolangatta. Set off to the side of a large and empty Thai restaurant, the fairy lights in the window twinkle welcomingly to the outside night life which consists of a large amount of noise coming out of the pub on the corner, and a few sunbleached, teen-aged, surfers sitting together on lonely park benches."

Ryan and I are waiting for our film to start.

My boardshorts are white (they have two pockets and fit all I want nicely) and they go a little see through in the water. We went for a swim after checking into our YHA (full of cool, tanned surfy types) and I noticed with no small amount of distress that you could see my under-garments. How embarrassing. It was a fun swim. I'm going to have to watch people in white boardshorts on the beach tomorrow and see how they keep their modesty. I suspect they don't. Surfer types like to show a bit of bum-crack it seems. But that's tomorrow's job.

The cool surfer types are a very intimidating. The guys all look like people out of Point Break and the girls belong in a Billabong catalogue (although they don't lie around as seductively*). I'm feeling a little out of place here. Kinda like I do in SDS but about 1,000 times worse because these people are about that much cooler. Coolanagatta is after all the 3rd best surfing beach in the world. Not a good break today though, a little choppy. Someone here rode a wave for 2kms once, I read today. I would have done that, or something close to it, if I had gone out further than waist deep water.

Now it's very muggy. We're going to see Welcome to the Jungle soon. Should be silly. We had Japanese noodles for dinner, and talked about shame (is it a valid motivation for good deeds). My buddy cost me $1.90 - Tops!

Now I have sweat on my upper-lip, I'm doing my best to add to the steamy-ness of this lonely little piece of net cafe**.

*Ryan would like to point out that they do lie around seductively, which I probably agree with, just not at the youth hostel where they seemed to be more intent on drinking beer

**Ryan would like to point out that that last sentence was "very Bill". I assume he means Bill Bryson. What can one say when I only finished reading him yesterday.