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I've been a little distracted by blogishness. I'm going for a run with Ryan in the morning. 7am. That's a darn sight earlier than 10am, which would be much nicer on me eyes.

Sometimes you can come home from a night out and you feel like you've spent the whole night shouting. You feel like you've spent all night trying to be heard, trying to get people to notice you and laugh at your jokes. It's never a good feeling that one. I always feel like an idiot.

Once when I was 15 I spent a whole night trying to impress a girl then came home with that shouted feeling. It was funny though because I was flirting with her because I'd realised that I didn't like her anymore. I had liked her, but when I noticed that was no longer the case I went out and spent a whole night flirting with her. Perhaps it was the relief of the thing, perhaps it was just those heady days of a 15 year-old.