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Today was almost a proper nine to five working day. Fantastic!

Spent the beginning preparing for a mail out for youth group. We had fun and thought of a name for the youth ministry which could be to the distaste of everyone. But it's had a pretty positive reaction so far.

At midday I left Kaye and Helen to despair over the mail merge as I ran off to lunch and the cinema with my small group from last year. It was good. I took three year 8 boys out and we had fun. We went and saw Torque which absolutely sucked. The most terrible action film I have seen for ages. The script sucked, and the writers seemed to know that. But this self-awareness didn't do it an ounce of good. The film-making was made to appeal to a fourteen year-old boy (good for my company I guess), but I the best I could describe it as is wanky. The action was over the top but there was no "cool" element to it. The film seemed to be an attempt at a motor cycle "up yours" to The Fast and the Furious but alas that film's quality is so far above Torque that it needn't bother even a second glance. And that's saying something because Fast and the Furious itself wasn't really good enough to justify it's own existence. There was much funnies to be had by myself and the appalancy that was this film, but sadly I had no-one to share my mirth with. So I had to contain my giggles.

I got back to church pleased to know that year 8 boys are worth hanging out with even if the films we watch aren't. There I had some stern words with the computers and we managed to get all the letters folded and stuffed in time for Postman Pat to take them to their various destinations. Helen stamped them all for me when I had to run off to visit Alison who had to tell me how to make kids behave in scripture this year. That was good. I wanted some tips on that. I'm having nightmares of year 5 kids walking all over me as I meekly try and tell them about Jesus.

Tonight I'm thinking I'll see a movie then make full use of tomorrow's first sleep-in in a long time. The bliss of a bed that is familiar and an alarm clock that is quietly sitting in anticipation of nothing.