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I feel I should do the catch up thing.

Everyone else has blogged it though. So if I need a record I can just check other blogs. The beach yesterday was fun. Best waves I've seen all week. The water was darn tooting cold, but hey, that's alright.

I went to Church this morning. I tried on about six t-shirts before I found one that didn't have a stain or sustain one during the course of the morning.

In church I had no friends, so I sat in a completely empty row so that other people could make the decision to sit next to me, rather than visa versa. It ended up that no-one sat next to me. I had two empty seats on either side. Ahh well. People did say "Hello" though and one of my youth group kids joined me part way through the service till he got bored.

I hung out in the play ground with some new kids after church. Tried to seem cool and exciting so they would come to youth group. I don't think I succeeded.

After church I came home and slept. I woke up later than I wanted and had a Strongbow while I got ready for Gramp's memorial service. Ryan was over watching the cricket. That's something else that has changed about me, I'm paying attention to the cricket and caring about it. While I was walking through Westfield the other day I kept checking TV's to see what that score is. What's happening to me?

I had a shower (I've been having 2 a day a lot recently, too much sweat and beach). I proceeded to get dressed in my staple wedding and funeral out fit. So far it's done 6 weddings, 3 funerals, 2 Welcome services and 1 Jazz ball. I think I need another set of good clothes.

I went to the memorial service and it was stinking hot. The service was how my Grandfather would have wanted it. I didn't cry, I wasn't sure if I would. I got lumpy in my throat. I'm sure if the service had been different, but it wasn't and overly emotional service. Fitting really. It was nice I thought. A little surreal, but I'm not looking forward to the day when funerals aren't. I read a prayer:

O Lord God,
When thou givest to thy servants to endeavour any great matter,
grant us also to know that it is not the beginning,
but the continuing on the same until the end,
until it be thoroughly finished, which yieldth the true glory;
through him who for the finishing of thy work laid down his life,
our Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

It took me a few minutes to figure out the prayer but in the end I decided that it was good.

The prayer was based on a prayer of Sir Francis Drake. I wasn't sure who he was, but I found out later he blew up the Spanish Armada for Queen Elizabeth. I wasn't really thinking about finishing the job of blowing up a 16th century Navy when I read it, but still, it makes it an even more fitting prayer. My Gramps was into the Navy and other such stuff.

I went to the wake afterwards. There were lots of people there I didn't know. Old relatives, and friends of my Grandfather, and old people who may have been relatives, but I wasn't sure, so tried to avoid lest I had forgotten who they were and they told me how last time they saw me I was still a fetus and very cute. I avoided them by sitting on the couch watching the cricket. I felt like part of the family then. Every summer event with my family, the cricket goes on and all the males stand around and watch it and I felt horribly bored and adopted. But today I watched with my cousins and felt like I bonded with them a bit. As much as one can when you all stare at the same point in space for a long period of time. I even got into the cricket watching so that when someone walked past and asked "What's the score?" I could reply "Four for two-eighty-five".

When the cricket finished I had to walk around feeling awkward. I joined a few conversations, which really just amounted to me standing in a circle while other people talked and I wondered where else I could be.

I finally got enticed into a game of botchie (I'm sure you don't spell it like that) in the backyard and later took my cousins on a trip to McDonald's. That was fun. McDonald's brings families together.

Later I came home and watched a Coldplay documentary on my dvd, then Rambo: First Blood on Foxtel. That's a cool movie.