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We're back in the internet cafe. The steamy one. Not so steamy now. Or at least I'm showing less propensity to indulge my travel writer impulses so I can't be bothered calling it steamy. Perhaps today I shall call it quaint.

Since we were so tired and perhaps a little crabby yesterday, we decided not to go to Brisbane today and have a lie around day. That meant going to bed last night at 8 to read and falling sleep at 10. We got up at 12pm today. I think we both spent the morning reading and snoozing in our respective bunks.

I got up and had a shower and we ate our Honey Os for breakfast. They are lovely things. Taste much nicer than you would expect for a cereal that prides itself for being made out of wheat and oats.

Then it was back to bed for more reading. I went to the beach about an hour later and swam by myself. That was fun. I felt very independent and I didn't drown once. Ryan joined me, we swam for a bit then I went home. I got dumped too and hurt my back, but I didn't go home because of that. I'm not one for sulking. I went home because I got water up my nose.

At home I had a shower, and marveled at how the water kept coming out of my nose for the next two hours. I shaved and went through a whole razor (usually takes me a month) because I hadn't shaved since Sunday and it was hard for my little blade with all that tough, sexy, manly stubble. I must say, I was impressed that I really could grow a little bit of hair on my face. Puberty is starting to pay off, damn itchy though.

With my clean face I read some more (Tom Clancy, Red Rabbit - $8 at The Warehouse Taree) then headed off to the park with my Bible. I sat there reading and praying and calling down plagues on all the passing dog walkers. When I decided I'd finished for the time being, Ryan called and came and joined me at the park for some frisbee throwing. We had fun, stopping every time a jet took off from the airport (the park was at the end of the runway) because it was noisy, and the noise was cool.

We had dinner at the Japanese place again. We had another deep conversation. This time about relationships, God, and his guidance, and other stuff in that realm. The lady there is very nice.

Now we are here being very quaint in this internet cafe. Yay for us.