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So many bad things in the world. Usually I just switch my emotions off and let it all wash past me. I don't know if that's a good thing, but it's all too big for me. How do you do emotional justice to 20,000 people getting killed in an earthquake? How do you deal with the multiple rape of a 10 year-old? People suck real bad and I can't do much about it. The earth just caves in and I can only sit here. How do you weep when others are weeping and laugh when others are laughing when you know that all around the world there is so much saddness that you'd never smile again?

That said, I can emotionally switch off from death, but rape and abuse are so much harder. This guy who raped a ten year old, I can't hear that and stay disconnected. I get angry. I want to find this guy, who ever he is, and punch him in the head. I want to punch him many times untill I feel better. How will this girl ever cope? They said on the news that she came home from hospital today, but how can she ever come home? Her step-father's been killed and who knows what she's going through.

But if there's anything I liked about Tandia it was the bit about not fighting out of hate. Hate achieves nothing. Hating the people who commit the attrocities will only breed hate in me. I hate evil. And I hate the evil that we do to each other. The evil I see in you I see in me.

It's in the face of evil that grace comes into its own.

God's had mercy on us all.