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And the day that was...

Woke up and tried to organise the New Years movie with David but the tradition had to be canned because the selection was poor and it was very hot outside. It wasn't a movie day, it was a beach day.

We (Lesley, Jo, Howie, Michael, Jo, Kaia, Mark, Chris and I) went down to Freshie for a frolic in the water. It was full as a goog. People everywhere. But it was nice. New years day at the beach, I thought to myself "quintessentially Australian experience". That phrase has been floating around my brain a bit lately. We swam, then lay about. I slept for a bit too. Then swam again.

The night held a trip to Kaia's for, I quote: "for some time of sitting around doing nothing much and being able to play pool on a bigger much more funnerra table mainly funnerra cause it's free"

We did some of that. I was feeling hot and lethargic and spotted the backyard out the back door and it looked appealing. I decided a sleep on the grass might be in order. I announced my intentions to the gathered folk, and went and lay on the grass. This led to everyone else coming out behind me and starting a game of frisbee (our new craze) right where I was sleeping. So I didn't sleep I joined in. Michael informed us that there as a new flying fox installed at the near-by park. This sounded like immense fun so the males trotted to see this new appendage.

The flying fox was immense fun. What started off as just a small game of "See if you can enjoy the flying fox by sitting on it" turned into "See how many ways you can risk serious injury of this piece of play equipment". Very cool. Robert did the best job of damaging himself. It was a great flying fox. I reckon we got close to an hour's worth of fun out of that. When the women came and found us they too joined in, showing us a few tricks of their own and adding a more dainty element that was otherwise missing in our man-handling of the toy.

The night progressed with pool, sitting around, a sleep on the carpet and some McDonald's.

Nice nice.

Addition: David was at the beach as well. And it was very worthwhile having him there.