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When I got home and warmed up the computer I thought I'd blog. Just before I blogged I stumbled across a blog that was all about some guy's affair with a married woman. He asked readers not to make judgments because he and his lover don't make judgments. It perhaps wasn't the most constructive reading, but it was fascinating.

At one point he was talking about her husband who was getting annoyed that he thought the two of them were getting a little too close. The husband had no knowledge of the affair. This guy was annoyed at the husband because the husband had no right to be annoyed about their relationship, whatever it's status. His reasoning was that they had been very discreet and only done it in their free time (whatever that means) and that it had taken nothing away from their marriage. In fact it had added to it because now the wife, aware that she was sleeping with another man, was working harder to keep the husband happy too. So basically the husband should be thankful for the affair that he had no knowledge of.