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Well, here I am, back, in college again.

I'm very tried. Quite happy. A little frustrated. A bit crazy.

My assessments are all done and that is a really lovely feeling. Makes me feel like I've got nothing to worry about. I guess I fo have a little to worry about and assesments and the like. Only one left. Two exams and one assesment. Then I'm a little free. Yay for me being a little free. Can't you see. I'm born three. Isn't that right Lee?

Rob and Jo were trying to figure out people at church to set me up with last night. It was a little strange. When things like that happen I feel like I'm in year 9 or something. Not that my year 9 was really what I figure it feels like to be in year nine. Maybe it's what it felt like to be in year 10, but really that's what it feels like to be in year 9 seeing as I wasn't a very normal year niner.