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It's been a long day. Oi.

I got up at 6:20am, 20 minutes late. There was a black out last night and my clock died so my alarm didn't go off. I woke up to my phone alarm. I was a bit happy about that. I only got to sleep at some time after 2am. I tried to sleep but I thought about too much. Too much anticipation about today. So 2am it was. Much to my disappointment.

We left here, Angus, Rachel and I, at 7:15, breakfast free and 15 minutes late. We managed to pick up Noodles and arrive at Mike's house in Gordon close to on time. We then made our way to Davo from there. We were aiming to be at Davo by 8:00am. We got there around 8:07. It wasn't too bad. We set up chairs, discussed, prayed, waited.

We waited for the storm. We were running scripture seminars for years 7 to 10 an hour at a time.

The were brought in at 8:40 or so and making much noise. The deputy gave them a stern talking to. And handed over to me and away we went. I had trouble talking loudly. My mouth was dry and croaked a little sounded like I was going through puberty. The year 7s were really rowdy. We went longer than planned because they were so badly behaved Angus had to keep telling them to shut up.

Once year 8 came through they were really well behaved. Really well. It was great. We got through our whole program, it was much slicker second time through, and I took a small group of kids who said very little, except at the end when one asked me why I belived in the existance of hell. While I was gearing myself up to answer that, the bell went and the kid was no longer interested in the answer.

Year 9. Bit worse behaved, but not too bad. They watched the video well. Small group talked a lot more, and kept asking me if I thought they were going to hell. Damnation seems to be much more interesting than salvation. Probably because they think we want to tell them they are going to be sent to hell rather than that they can be saved. It's strange. But I guess it's true. It's more fun to be told by someone that you're going to hell than able to go to heaven, when you're not planning on believing what they tell you.

Year 10. They were the rowdiest but also the most interested I think. They responded really well to the small groups. One girl told me she didn't believe in my God and asked what happens to the babies in limbo. I was happy not to remain on that subject. I don't often read up on the babies in limbo. But they wanted to talk, and had the best answers to the questions. I wish we could have had more time to talk.

All up I wish we could do more scripture. It would be good I think.

Afterwards some of us headed to Macca's (Angus, Rachel, Mike, Sal, Noodles). That was a bit of fun. I didn't eat much. I felt not as hungry as I should have. Shame really. I'll eat soon.

Post that, Sal came over and we finished the music, Hannah came home and broke Sal's necklace (it's always embarrasing when Hannah breaks other people's things) and we took her to John Williams. I dropped Sal home with her newly burnt cd and I cam home and fell asleep.

Now I'm here and I should be doing an assesment. Soon. Very soon.

Anyway it's been good. Long, but I've had a good day. Statisfying scripture, nice people. Good quality.

We prayed that God would use what we taught the kids today to impact their lives and bring them closer to God. I don't think anyone became a Christian, but I hope we played a small part in at least one person considering it. If not, we were obiedient. Praise the Lord! It's His work, not mine.