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I once said this about Ryan's blog:

Ryan keeps an online diary (that's not the full thing, but it's most of it). He writes down all his thoughts and everyone can read them. In fact he wants everyone to read them. He's very honest, it doesn't feel quite right reading it, so I'm not sure if I will keep reading it, I only started reading it yesterday. It's like, just because a striper wants you to see them nude, should you look? I think I just answered that question. Anyway, that may be an analogy of what his diary is like. He spends most of the time talking about Mil (the girl he likes), differentiation and sex. That's not true but they make a good triplet.

I think I told Ryan that. I told him I felt I was reading his dirty secrets. These days Ryan doesn't write dirty secrets, and I don't mind reading it. Maybe Reality TV has just desensitised (is that the right word?) me.

I really liked The Mole.