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Adoration is really good.

I'm looking forward to the scripture seminars now.

We are doing seminars on Thursday at the local High School. It should be fun. I've suddenly got excited about telling kids that God loves them. That's a cool thing to do. Spreading the love and all.

Our message is "God goes with you through life". We want to tell people that God loves them and cares about them when things are going well or going really bad. We want to run seminars that don't try and tell the kids too much, but that tell them the Gospel, relevantly. It won't be the "whole" Gospel, but our prayer is that it will be the true gospel. We want to bring them one step closer to a relationship with God. We are having small groups, and hopefully that will be will be good opportunities to tell kids what they need to hear. Angus is telling his testimony about how God has gone with him through life, how Jesus has saved his life.

Angus is an inspiring bloke. He makes me wanna love Jesus more.

How cool is it to know that God loves you?


Very Very.