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I went shopping for clothes today. Makes me upset. I really had a bad time. Fashion at this juncture in history sucks. Especially in the long pants department. I looked through every shop in Hornsby and there was nothing there. I found one pair of pants that I thought were ok in General Pants, so I went back to try them on and then relised they were for chicks. Man whats going on? It was all really bad.

In the end I bought of pair of jeans out of frustration. The lady asked me while I was in the change room if I liked them when I hadn't got my shorts off yet, so I said "I'm not there yet" and I think I sounded a little snappy. She said "Oh sorry" and hid from me. I bought the jeans after convincing the other shop assistant that I really didn't want a second pair for $45 (I almost said "I don't like these ones, why would I want another pair?") and quickly left the shop. On my way out I caught the eye of the shop assistant that I "snapped" at and smiled and said "Thanks" I didn't want here to think I didn't like her.

As I said to Mum though, I'm very lucky to have pants. Not many people in the world can afford to spend $65 on a pair of jeans, and even less on a pair of jeans they don't like. So I'm happy about that.

Must sleep not.

Much Movies tonight. Yay!