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Noodles left his rain coat and umbrella at college today and he rang me while I was still there to ask if I could bring them home for him. I said that was fine and travelled to Hornsby with them. When I got Hornsby I went to the place where I thought his front door was. I knew it was down the lane and around the back, because lives above a store. I found a stair case and decided that it must have been his, and when up it. At the top of the stair case (it was an outdoor concrete one) there was like a concrete back porch. There was a washing line, some windows and two doors. Now as my connundrim. Which door was his door? I looked at them both carfully and decided that it must be the one on the right because there was a lighted window in that one and I knew someone was home. I knocked on the door and waited.

I heard a woman shout "Who's at the door?" (It didn't seem to be to anyone in particular) and a figure arrived.

The door opened a notch and there was the face of a woman, who didn't look anything like a friend of Noodles. I knew this because the woman was just in her underwear. Well she was in a bra, I didn't think it was polite to look any lower. I asked "Is Nathan here?"

"No, he doesn't live here" Then she closed the door.

I decided to call him on mobile before I tried the other door. Just in case.

When I did find him he came from the other side and was wearing a lot more clothes.