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Today I spent loads of time walking around the city to various camera shops asking if they had a battery for Robert's camera (I need to send it to Uluru because the one he's using broke so now he can't film anything).

Every converstion went like this (except the one at Georges):

Me: Hi, I need a battery for a Panasonic DX-100.

Salesperson: Oh, ok. We have these. (Produces three Panasonic batteries for DS and MX cameras which clip on the back)

Me: They need to go inside the camera. It's for a DX-100.

Salesperson: Oh yes the DX-100. Older camera, about three years old.

Me: Yeah, triple chip.

The sales person then proceeds to pull out about 5 batteries that don't fit.

Salesperson: Sorry, we don't have one.

Me: Ok thanks.

I had that conversation about 20 times today. Except in George's where I said "I need a battery for a Panasonic DX-100", and the guy said "Sorry we don't have them" and I said "Ok".

In the end I found one shop with a dodgy imitation brand. I hope it doesn't blow up the camera. Unless of course it blows up the camera so they give us a new camera. That would be cool.