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I listened to a lot of Counting Crows last night. Now that I think about it. Of the five Counting Crows cds at my house, I listened to all of two of them (Hard Candy, August and Everything After) some of another two (Recovering the Satellites (the computer died) and Across the Wire Disk 1 (Went to bed)) and none of one of them (Across the Wire Disk 2). That's a lot of Crows. I guess I was in the mood. I think at the end of one cd I'd start singing a song from the another one, and so I'd have to put that cd.

Having a song in my head governs my cd choices a lot of the time.

Liam from college doesn't like Third Day or Counting Crows. I don't know why I'm his friend. He does like Ben Harper though, so I'll pat him on the back for that.