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Chris has re-done an accoustic version of Snake (you'll like that Howie) from our marvellous little film Pure Joy.

Chris has re-visited Snake many times. I'm glad I haven't re-visited the film as many as he has the song. I'm also glad he made a verson without me singing. I think the song was the best thing to come out of that movie.

Pure Joy was a really bad movie.

I was thinking the other day (or was it today) that I am very glad that I am no longer aiming to be a world famous director. I don't know if I could have cut it. Film school might have refined me. Some of the stuff I do is alright. Other things are rubbish. Now it doesn't matter if I make rubbish. I only waste a few people's time. If I'm rubbish in youth ministry, that's God's problem. Partly. I guess I feel less pressure because I'm sure this is where God wants me. I'll do my best. I'll be obiedient. But it's freeing not having to worry about my own goals. When it's God's agenda and not mine, it makes it nicer.

The stakes in God's work are a little higher though.

Did I say I'm very happy to be in youth ministry? I am. Best thing I ever did.

Except perhaps something else that I'm not thinking about at the moment.

Don't ever say I'm un-commital.