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Last three dvds I watched:

Sleeping With the Enemy-Not wonderful. Everyone was very serious. Julia Roberts was boring. Her character never managed to be all that happy. Or allowed herself to be happy. No one allowed themselves to be happy really. They were all just depressing and serious. But at least I can say I've seen it. I ate chicken while I watched it and the chicken was good.

About A Boy-Good film. I like Hugh Grant much more now. He's character was an idiot. They were cool. The film made me laugh. The romance was minimal and well done. The kid worked good. Good film.

K-19:The Widowmaker-Alright. Nothing spesh. I watched it on my computer with the sound turned up. That was fun. My computer is the bomb. Harrison Ford was a bit dull. The movie was ok. As I said nothing special.

All three are due back by 7pm. That's quite soon. I wonder if I'm allowed to drive. It's been over 24 hours. I reckon I can.