2/01/2003 11:03:00 pm


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Yesterday I ate butter chicken for dinner and I had kids from the church come and hang out in my office. That's never happened before.

Last night we had a leaders night and I got to run a team building exercise and a Bible study on Jesus washing the disciple's feet. It was interesting because I only found out I was doing it yesterday afternoon, so I have the feeling it wasn't as prepared as I would have liked, but it was alright. And it's God's show not mine anyway.

I also rearranged my office. That was cool. Now my desk looks out the window and I feel much more at home there. And I've figured out a comfy way to sit in my chair. All good things.

Tomorrow is the first day of the junior high group that I run on Sunday mornings. That should be interesting. I haven't quite figured out how I'm going to do it, but I'll get there.