2/16/2003 10:58:00 pm

"No War!"

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Went to the "March for Peace" in the city today. That was cool. I heard there was 250,000 people. There were helicopters overhead. And lots of people. I clapped my hands and shouted. I went with the family from church. They were cool. They have a very talkative daughter, but very friendly. They made me lunch, drove me in, bought me an Ice Cream. I was well looked after. Top notch, eh?

It was a fun much. People were in good spirits. Generally all agreeing with each other I think. I get a little un-comfortable about all the rude slogans and stuff about the Bush and Howard and those blokes. I don't agree with their policies, but I still believe in being polite. Even loving. Maybe they are my enemy. Maybe they are the people we Christian peace-niks have to love.