2/27/2003 12:57:00 am

Drawing and Filming

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Pow! Six hits yesterday. I'm the man. Eck, eck.

I just spent a few hours around at the Castle's house playing pictionary. That was fun. It's a fun game. Ryan and I were going so well, we were very close to winning when we were over taken right at the end. I felt crushed. I also lost volley ball tonight. Crushed more.

I spent a lot of today shooting a video with Robert for church. It's about me loving my enemies. I'm demonstrating to people that I can love my enemies so they can too. I felt like a did a lot of hugging today. I hugged Jemma at the traffic lights. It was cool. She pulled up then Rob and I walked up to her car and I stuck myself through the window and gave her a hug. We did this twice. I'm hoping that the people in the cars around us were impressed.