2/22/2003 12:46:00 am

Pizza Late

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We were meant to go to the Waterworks for youth group tonight, but we cancelled it because of the rain. Shame really because the Waterworks are fun. Fun indeed. Instead we stayed at church and watched Men in Black II. That's not a very good film.

I ordered 20 large pizzas for everyone and the dude asked me when I wanted to pick it up. I said "Seven". At seven we went to pick the pizzas up and they said that the pizzas would be ready at eight. I told them that we were told seven. She said they couldn't be done till eight. I asked if there was any possability of having them done by quarter to eights. Nope. Maybe just some of them? Nope. I said, "The kids are going home at eight." She said "Sorry." We didn't eat pizza. I was very hungry. As were the kids. We made a lot of money though.

We'll have pizza another night.