2/04/2003 02:07:00 pm

Anniversay of Birth

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Well this is my first ever post from College. Yay for that.

I wanted to post last night from Rooty Hill RSL but it cost $3 for half an hour and I thought "Nup". I went to the RSL last night for my birthday. I think it was very exciting. And we got to go in Dad's hire car which was very posh.

I thought the RSL was a very fitting place to have my 20th birthday and I now have a Rooty Hill RSL t-shirt, which I have wanted for five years. I expect to wear it three times.

Yesterday I also went to a restaurant in Hornsby for lunch which had really bad food. It was called Toscani's. But I had a nice time. I also bought a DVD Writer and a table to put my computer on. The burner cost $737 and the table cost $30 (from Bibles for Missions). All up I'm very happy with my purchases. I also bought a Matchbox 20 DVD and they're cool.