2/20/2003 03:44:00 pm

Dark Alley

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Walking home from Kaia's last night at around 11:30, I went to turn into a little walk way between her street an another. It's very dark and a little wider then the foot path. I always used to be a little worried about walking down it during the day, and I hated it at night. Anyway, I went to turn down the lane and there was the figure of a man walking up the other way. Suddenly I though "Hmm, this is a problem." I had thoughts that this man was walking down the lane only to rob me and kill me. Then I decided that that was a silly thought, and he was probably walking home, like me. So I walked down the lane. What normally would have been a terribly nerve racking experience when I was a bit younger, I was quite calm about.

Shouldn't have been calm though because the guy robbed me then stabbed me to death.