2/24/2003 08:56:00 pm

Almost Certain Death

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Well, Monday it is. That means College I am at.

I almost got myself killed today. That might be a bit exaggerated. Maybe very badly injured.

I was standing in the kitchen today, cleaning up. People were outside in the carpark, playing soccer. I decided to put a box of matches away. I headed over towards the cupboard. As I was on my way over there was a huge "Bang!". I thought the oven had blown up. This was quickly followed a shattering sound and me getting hit by lots of pieces of glass. I realised at that stage that the oven had not exploded. The soccer boys had smashed the window a couple of metres away from me.

I figure it could have been dangerous. I might have been stabbed in the throat or something by a big piece of glass, but it didn't really feel all that impressive. Everyone else was more impressed than I was. They all ran into the kitchen and I got repeatedly asked if I was ok. I think I was. I haven't noticed any wounds yet and it's been an hour and a half.

I guess I'm wondering at the moment how close I did come to being badly injured and if there is any significance to this event. Is this part of the spiritual attack that my household has been under lately, or is it just a random ball? I'm sure God was making sure that I was ok, but how much work did he have to do. Was I always going to be ok, and I was in no more danger than I normally am, or was it like one little difference and I could be in a hospital in some form or another at the moment? I'm thinking it was probably somewhere in between.

I'm not dead though, and devil or not, I'm pretty happy about that.