2/07/2003 09:21:00 pm

New Youth New Computer

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I just had my first youth group at this church. Crazy. 33 kids. I'm used to having a group of five. It was good though. I had a good time. I'm looking forward to this year. I had to tell the story of Samson. He's a character. Why I chose him I don't know. I felt I did pretty poorly, I don't think I put in enough planning. But hey, it got a good wrap from the leaders.

I begun with no idea what was going on. I hadn't assigned roles, or got a timetable figured out. But it came off ok. I think God had something to do with it. I felt most un-prepared, but God is abundant in grace. Yay for Him.

Speaking of grace...

David told me my computer is all done. Yay! And I'm going to the Counting Crows. I bought the tickets today.

I figure this is the computer of grace. I've spent money on it I didn't earn, it's been built through no toil of mine. Everything that has made this computer has been the grace of God and my friends and family. I don't deserve this computer by any standards. But I have it. And I have it in aubundance. Sometimes it's nice how the little(r) things can remind us of the big things, like the ultimate act of grace from God.