2/15/2003 11:31:00 am

Where's Gus

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On Thursday, after college Graham, Mitch and I went on a trip to find Angus. Seeing as he hadn't been at college for 2 weeks and no-one had heard from him we thought we'd go find him.

We took the camera and filmed the whole trip. We made a nice little documentry I think. It's coming together nicely. We interviewed people and asked them if they knew where Gus was. We met homeless men, crazy skaters, macca's workers, buddhist monks. It was very cool. We had a wonderful time finding Gus. And just as we were about to go home after arriving at his apartment and finding no-one there, who should arrive home but Gus. It was a bit of devine intervention, mes thinks.

I got home at around 1am and had that "I've just been on an adventure" feeling.